Extra help

We provide Extra Help Service to our customers who wish to step up their security when dealing with us or those who are elderly, have long term health condition or disability.

Call us on [number] to ask to be placed on the Extra Help register, or you can ask someone else to call on your behalf.

Once registered, you will receive the following free of charge.

Priority Service Register (PSR)

Customers of pensionable age, with a disability, or customers who are chronically sick can request to be put onto a Priority Service Register (PSR). Those on the PSR will benefit from the following:

Extra services available to all our customers

All our customers, regardless of their circumstances can benefit from the following:

Password scheme

For extra security, you can use our free password scheme. All you need to do is choose a password (make sure it’s something no one else can guess) then call us on [number] and let us know what it is and we will make sure anyone from Ebico and Octopus Energy visiting your home can confirm it with you.

  • Feel safe when we’re visiting your property

We take your safety seriously. The Ebico or Octopus Energy representative that visits your home will have the necessary skills to do the job that they are visiting you for. They will also be able to tell you about where you can find help and advice on your energy supply.

  • Check their ID

Our representatives always carry identification cards. Don’t worry about asking to check their card carefully – genuine representatives of Octopus Energy won’t mind at all.

  • Call us

If you’re unsure that someone who’s come to your home really is a Ebico or Octopus Energy representative, call us on [number] before you let them in. We’ll check their details.

Your water company may also help

If you have already registered or would like to register for Extra Help services with us, your water company may offer similar services to ours. Contact your water supplier and ask them about any extra help and support they can give you.